Navigating Cash Management

We help you manage your cash, so you can protect it and maximize its earning power.

In the current banking environment, bank depositers are thinking twice about where to keep their cash. It is important to understand why not all savings accounts are created equal. These accounts can vary considerably in how much protection they offer as well as how much interest they pay.

If you:
  • have uninsured and/or low-interest-yielding bank deposits;
  • have sold or are planning to sell an asset and are not sure what to do with the cash; or
  • are responsible for cash management functions of a business or non-profit entity
make sure you know how different deposit options measure up
Protection Limits
When you keep a substantial amount of deposits at a bank, it is natural to assume those deposits are secure. However, there may be limits to your protection since FDIC coverage is nuanced. There are cash management solutions that provide protection for the full balance of your deposits, not just a portion.
Interest Rates
In today’s higher-interest rate environment, many traditional deposit accounts are not cutting it. With many of these accounts paying less than 1%, one is clearly losing to inflation.

Thankfully, there are solutions offering interest rates upwards of 4%, and in some cases even 5% (as of May 2023), with the same flexibility and easy access of traditional deposit accounts. However, it can be time-consuming to source your options on your own, not to mention limited, since some solutions are not available directly to depositors.
Cash Management
At Oxler, we have researched solutions that keep your deposits safe, accessible, and earning a competitive interest rate.

As an independent advisory practice, we work with a select group of unaffiliated, third-party service providers offering full FDIC coverage, liquidity, and competitive rates that can be tailored to your specific need, whether you are depositing $100,000 or $100,000,000.

Whether you have a non-profit, trust, business, or family, after only a short conversation, we can identify a solution to help protect and maximize your cash. Please complete the information below to set up a conversation.

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