From discovery to execution, we make sure that your financial plan and investments support you and your goals.

Our team takes an ensemble approach, working together to understand where you have been and where you want to go. Knowing your situation and your sensibilities, we can then bring thoughtful perspective, specialized skills and creative solutions to help you reach your financial goals.
Comprehensive Wealth Management
We are an independent, family owned and operated, comprehensive wealth management firm serving in a fiduciary capacity to help women and families achieve their life and financial goals from a position of confidence.

Much like a primary care physician, we examine your full financial health and then work in tandem with trusted specialists to provide well-rounded coordinated care.
Investment Management
We implement both active and passive investment strategies using ETFs, individual stocks and bonds as well as mutual funds. Where appropriate, we may allocate to alternative private investments that specialize in unique businesses or market segments. Your portfolio is customized to reflect an asset allocation that matches your risk profile and individual circumstances.
Estate Planning
We work with you to plan for how your estate will be set up to benefit your loved ones or to benefit causes that are important to you. There are various strategies that can be used to protect and maximize your estate as well as ease hardship for loved ones after you are gone. We work in concert with you and your trusted attorneys to execute a plan that reflects your goals and values.
Retirement Planning
We work with you to attain your goals for retirement. This process is ongoing and begins while you are in the accumulation stage of your life. We help you determine what is needed to maintain the lifestyle you desire and to fulfill specific goals you deem important during retirement.
Family Governance
Family dynamics are often complicated. It is very helpful to create a framework within the family that clarifies decision-making responsibilities among family members. We find families to be unique in their approach to family governance, and we are often a trusted partner in navigating thoughtful and productive conversations to clarify roles and goals for family wealth through generations.
Risk Management
In this process, we work with you to identify and plan for potential risks to your financial health. Insurance is a valuable risk mitigation tool for various life circumstances. While we do not sell insurance, we will collaborate with trusted specialists to determine if you and your family are appropriately covered.
Education Planning
Planning for education takes strategy and is often integrated into broader generational wealth planning. Based on your circumstances, we can recommend various options to help you realize your family’s educational goals.
Charitable giving is often a priority. We can guide you toward strategic choices, such as donating outright or through beneficiary designations, foundations, trusts, donor-advised funds, etc. We can help you integrate charitable giving into your financial plan.
Whether it be a traditional mortgage, a construction loan, working capital or other unique need, we help you navigate the many types of loans available. A close relationship with Bank of New York Mellon provides us access to competitive lending options. Additionally, we can help you navigate the open marketplace to find the most suitable and competitive solutions.
Expense Management
The exercise of understanding the fixed and variable costs in your life is at the very foundation of financial freedom. We are here to help you through all of life’s transitions and the questions around continued financial health as you make some of your most important decisions.
Tax Planning
We offer guidance around tax-efficient strategies to help you preserve your wealth now, into retirement and for your heirs. We employ tax loss harvesting strategies, compare retirement account vehicles for tax advantages as well as raise awareness around tax deductions you may be eligible for. Since we do not provide tax advice, and a comprehensive financial plan involves important tax considerations, we see your CPA or tax attorney as a partner and make every effort to work in concert with them to meet your goals.
Cash Management
In the current banking environment, it is important to know how best to protect your cash and maximize its earning power. We help you understand why not all savings accounts are created equal and identify solutions that will keep your deposits safe, accessible, and earning a competitive rate.